Contract address: 0xDaf4F11947E73f0eeBEf4a820f4Be9B854aa993B

The Aim

Stellar Diamond aims to provide passive and long-term income to all XLD holders.

Accumulate, Save, Earn

  • Earn by staking through Starlink

  • Optionally re-invest a portion of your earnings, automatically!

  • Unique mechanisms ensure consistent rewards for a long time!


Safe & Secure

  • Audit & KYC passed
  • 100% of LP tokens locked
  • Anti dump & higher sell fees


  • One trillion total supply
  • 3% Tax provides additional liquidity
  • 6% Tax funds the BNB reward pool
  • 2% additional fee when selling


  • Receive BNB & tokens automatically
  • Optional auto re-investment
  • Gradual buybacks & burns

The Plan

Stellar Diamond Team

KYC Document
Stellar King
  • Lead Developer
Stellar Queen
  • Web developer/Graphics/Marketing
Stellar Pawn
  • Graphic design

Frequently Asked questions

How do I start earning?

You can start earning by staking your XLD through Starlink, our newest dApp release. Depending on which pool you choose to stake, you will receive your rewards in the associated token.

How often do I receive rewards?

The rewards continuously stack as times goes on. You can choose to claim them manually or enable the auto-collection function and receive them periodically to your wallet.

How do I re-invest my rewards?

You can enable the auto-compound feature to automatically move your earnings to the associated pool. Currently this is feature is available only for the XLD pool, but there are plans to enable it for all pools.

What is the reward pool?

The reward pool contains the total accumulation of BNB that come from the 9% tax applied by the contract. The reward pool increases whenever a transaction is made and decreases whenever each Starlink pool claims its share.

Why is my reward rate less/more that it was yesterday?

The amount of BNB you receive depends on the amount of $XLD tokens you staked and the size of the reward pool. Since the reward pool constantly changes in size, the amount you receive also changes accordingly.

What happened to the old reward system?

We believe that rewards through our newest Starlink dApp is the future, so after careful consideration and discussions with the community we have decided to discontinue the old reward system. You can still access the old dashboard here.

How can I buy $XLD?

You can purchase $XLD tokens from PancakeSwap V2. Please visit our documentation for more detailed steps.

What is the recommended amount of slippage I should use when buying $XLD tokens through PancakeSwap?

~10% when buying
~11% when selling

Is liquidity locked and for how long?

100% of the LP tokens will be locked after the presale ends for 1 year.

What are the plans for the future?

The Stellar Diamond team will work closely with the community to promote the $XLD ecosystem continuously as time goes on. This includes various marketing plans, partnerships and app development. Check out our documentation for more information.